At Holistic Massage Therapy, achieving a naturally healthier you is our main focus. Each session is completely customized for your specific needs to achieve a better you. Gift Cards are available! Massage techniques that are available during your session are:


Swedish Massage

A light relaxing massage that aides in stress reduction & overall well being.

Deep Tissue

Focused pressure on chronic muscle tension & stress.

Hot Stone

Soothing warm stones melt away stress, tension, & aches in the body.

Sports Massage

Pre & Post event treatment, or maintenance for the active body. 


Release tight muscles & align the body through assisted stretching & relaxation techniques.

Cupping Massage

An ancient oriental treatment that uses suction to relieve and reduce many ailments & pain in the body. Silicone cups are applied to the body (most commonly the back & neck) with vacuum suction, creating a gentle pressure that pulls muscles upward. Cups can be used to glide along the skin or remain stationary to draw out toxins, deep muscle pain & stiffness. Great for aiding in the healing of sports injuries as well.


Shiatsu is similar to acupuncture. Finger pressure is applied to the body along energetic pathways called meridians to improve the flow of Qi (chee). Shiatsu improves circulation, stiff muscles, & reduces stress. 


Relax and reduce aches & pains that are associated with pregnancy. 2nd & 3rd trimester only.

Chair Massage

15 minute chair massage sessions are available for quick stress relief of the neck and back.

VOILA method of Structural Joint Balancing

This technique is a new innovative way of helping the body heal itself. Voila method will quickly & efficiently find your areas in need of improvement & create symmetry in the body through aligning the key structures. The results are amazing & will make your massage results last much longer!! Dysfuntions in the body that VOILA will help reduce & elminate: Headaches, Migraines, Neck pain, Back pain, Hormone imbalances, allergies/sinus issues, TMJ, Emotional imbalances, Insomnia & sleep disturbances, so much more.......


30 minute session.....$35 (pkg. of 3 $95)

45 minute session.....$50 (pkg. of 3 $135)

60 minute session.....$65 (pkg. of 3 $175)

90 minute session.....$90 (pkg. of 3 $243)

*Massage packages*

save 10% when you purchase 3 at a time


We offer a selection of:

  • Edens Garden line of Essential oils
  • CORE drink mix for performance/electrolite replacement
  • candles
  • LOCALLY made soaps, scrubs, herbal mending balm, jewlery, & more
  • ice packs